Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is an ultimate process to achieve you marketing goals through various social media websites. Main concern of having a social media optimization service is to generate traffic from other sources rather than having it from search engines. Being the most effective way of having a brand promotion all over the internet, Social Media Optimization create your brand image to popular social media websites like Facebook, Orkut, Digg, Linkedin, Stumble upon, Twitter, Flickr, My Space, Youtube and hi5.

Here at Mind Zap, Based on the requirement and need of customer, we create an effective and strong SMO plan which can in-turn provide huge potential traffic to client. Our team of SMO expert will create a strategy which will not only drive traffic but will create brand identity among your targeted customers as well.

Our SMO Process Includes:

  • Daily Analysis of social media trends and Updates
  • Analyzing traffic and visitors to various campaigns to create new techniques and develop new methods.
  • Powerful grip on all social media websites tools

Few Social Media Platforms

Facebook: From being a collage photo sharing website to a big business platform, Facebook has been the best Social media platform so far. Getting more that 60% of the total Social media traffic, facebook is attracting millions of Companies to start using its fan page for e-commerce and promoting their brands.

Twitter: Millions of companies nowadays using twitter for their brand publicity. More followers you have, higher the publicity would be. But getting a huge list of followers is the tough job to do.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is now converting into a big professional social networking platform. In years to come, it’ll be the biggest job replacement portal.  For corporate, LinkedIn is the best platform to look for.

Blog commenting: Commenting on someone’s blog is an important aspect of Social media optimization. It would not only drive traffic to your website but will also show you as an expert in particular niche.

You tube: A simple described video can speak more than anything else. Though its an expensive mode of advertisement among all the Social media activities but it can get you to the targeted audience fast.22


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