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Mindzap business solutions is a game changer and also a leader in the field of Search Engine Marketing and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. We provide result oriented PPC campaign management services at unbeatable rates to all businesses no matter what their size is. Mind zap enjoys solid support of a team of certified professionals from Google Adwords. Their specialty lies in the fact that they can bring leads to your online business. Moreover, without leads your online business has no meaning.

Mind zap makes use of an uncommon concept that can benefit you fantastically causing your business to enjoy full end-to-end Internet Marketing solutions. At Mind zap, our chief concentration is on providing full Internet solutions to the entrepreneurs and sales & marketing directors. We do this because we want our clients to focus on other important tasks while we are busy bringing relevant visitors to their websites for transforming the entire process into a worthwhile business. As a matter of fact, executives and other web entrepreneurs consider us as total providers for fulfilling their Internet marketing needs.

Metrics serve as the most important aspect for any lucrative Search Marketing campaign. For ensuring the success of any campaign of a client, factors like planning, implementing and determining the correct Return-On-Investment (ROI) on the website are crucial. Mind zap makes sure that your SEO campaign and PPC advertising are both optimally supervised by taking correct decisions based on accurate and timely reporting.

It is our habit of employing core PPC professionals in order to take up vigorous PPC campaign management. Our goal is to keep you ahead of the digital marketing revolution and not just merely keeping you as a part of it.

PPC Process…


  • Initial analysis acts as a yardstick for tracking progress while we work.
  • Setting of business objective and understanding campaign model
  • Keyword research Excel Sheet
  • Bid rate analysis Excel Sheet
  • Monthly budget recommendation Doc report
  • Campaign structuring Excel Sheet
  • Landing page analysis (5 landing pages) Excel Sheet
  • Ad creation for 5 Ad Groups (6 per Ad Group)


  • Campaign setup in Google Adwords Doc Report
  • Conversion tracking setup


  • If you succeed in achieving top rankings for your keywords then Search Engines will be able to drive traffic to your website.
  • Ad split testing Excel Sheet
  • Keyword split test Excel Sheet
  • Ad rank split test Excel Sheet
  • Conversion testing

      • Keyword modification Excel Sheet
      • Bid management Excel Sheet
      • ROI analysis and weekly reporting
      • Testing of new ads Excel Sheet

      PPC benefits…

      • Best for short term advertising
      • Instant website traffic
      • Very flexible
      • Complete control over the ranking position
      • Immediate ROI
      • You have full control over the keywords that you want to target

      Mind zap can provide you comprehensive PPC support through Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter or Yahoo! Search Marketing while covering ad copyrighting, bid monitoring, search engine submission and keyword analysis or you can say, everything under one roof.


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