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At Mind zap, we work in with the vision to make our customers dreams come true. We are well versed with the fact that our customers wish to be in the top list of search results. This can help them make a perfect living and increase your business. Therefore we work with the concept of enhancing your visibility on Google and other search engines, through our critically creative ideas offered by our Search Engine Optimization team experts. We can guarantee a top position to our client’s websites with our novel ideas and suggestions. And the underlying fact is that our expert team receives their pay depending on our services and also on our client satisfaction, which is none other than pay 4 performance practice.

Market values for SEO services…

Search Engine Optimization is a complex and a highly critical task to perform. Complete analysis and understanding of a website is very much required for the optimization process. One can achieve success in their field and enhance their sites visibility by following few very important techniques. We offer our clients with those so called important techniques and strive for there top ratings. Once after they get it on the web, we receive our awards. Unlike us, several other companies offering SEO, a service, fixes up a market value that can be pretty expensive and can not guarantee the best search results. But we offer to take our bites from our clients only when the traffic in their websites is high.

Rules framed by any SEO:

Unlike us almost all the companies offering SEO services, choose to receive their work revenue in advance. No company will guarantee you the first position in the search engines. This is a basic rule, which is always considered & mentioned. They may offer you to attain a better position in the search results, but can not always take you to the top. But there is no sort of assurance to this offering. But we don’t receive any thing from you unless you get yourself placed in the top 10 rankings, i.e., you pay upon receiving and we get ourselves paid upon performing. Hence a guaranteed perfect service can be provided leading to the customer satisfaction.

Pricing for Guaranteed SEO services…

Pricing for SEO is classified into 3 categories. They are the

  • Gold pricing
  • Silver pricing and
  • Bronze pricing

Client should pay according to the gold pricing if he gets himself placed in the top 10 rankings. The positions between 11 and 20fetch us the income according to the silver pricings and we receive bronze when it is from 20 to 30.

These prices are received upon achieving the target on monthly basis. These costs are calculated in accordance with the range of key words and phrases that play a critical role in achieving success. The pricing is genuine and is totally based on the ratings the site holds in the entire month. If there is any difference in the ratings in a same month then the lower price will be collected from our customers.

All our services are cost effective and follow the perfectly programmed strategies, which are extremely successful to enhance the ratings at comparatively lower budgets with guaranteed services.


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