Pay Per Click Pricing


PPC Packages
Tasks Included Basic Standard Professional
One Time Setup Cost  $99 $149 $199

Time Duration Minimum 6 months Minimum 8 months Minimum 10 months
MONTHLY Manitainence Cost 15% 13% 10%
Monthly Spend on PPC <$500 $501-$999 >$1000
Initializing the Project
Business Objective Understanding
Website Analysis
Competitor Research
Account Setup
Campaign Management
Keyword Research 100 pages 200 pages 300 pages
Minimum No. of Keywords to focus 100 submissions 200 submissions 300 submissions
Ad Groups Creation Upto 10 Upto 15 Upto 20
Ad copy creation upto 3 ad copies per Ad Group upto 5 ad copies per Ad Group upto 6 ad copies per Ad Group
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Local Search Campaigns
Day Parting
Different keyword match typing & optimization
Budget Management
Bid Management
Landing page consultation
PPC Platforms
Google AdWords
Yahoo Search Marketing Optional
MSN Ad Center Optional Optional 400+
Ad Group Monitoring
Google Analytics code setup
Traffic Statistics Analysis
Goal Conversions code implement
ROI Management
Conversion Reporting
Custom Monthly Report
Monthly Maintainence Cost 15% 13% 10%
One Time Setup Cost $99 $149 $199


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