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The entire Mind zap team has been trained to shoulder responsibility and at the same time, be accountable to all the clients for their finance related activities. The reason for this approach is that when we work with you we lay utmost emphasis on getting the highest possible RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) in the quickest amount of time. This way, you can be assured of your business or any kind of related venture while working with us. Because we are quite conscious of your business and this formula we always keep in our mind. Throughout the entire process of business operation, we look for novel and innovative ways to speed up and maximize your return on investment. Let us give you a clearer picture in arithmetical terms to help you understand the concept of return on investment.

First of all, let us look from the perspective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online PR and Social media. Suppose you have managed to attain the first page Google rank and you have a monthly traffic of 14,200. Again, in case of paid search marketing you have a monthly traffic of 2,319 and finally email marketing drives traffic of 4000 visitors per month then your total website traffic will add up to 20,510. As a whole, suppose the minimum conversion rate is at least 3% then the estimated sales and enquiries stands to 615.

However, as a responsible SEO firm, it is our duty to bring to your notice that the above mentioned figures are based upon the fact that when you have the first page Google ranking for the target keywords, with a set of PPC spend and if you are email marketing to a set database. But that should not discourage you from approaching us because we are confident of our business skills. We were just being realistic in our approach while presenting the above facts. You can rely on us because we have gained enough experience over the past couple of years in facing numerous challenges. At least, we feel that our experience can come to your use if you allow us to channel our expertise. All things considered, you will surely see steady growth in your profits with each passing day. So let us know if you are ready to entrust your business assignment on us. We will do our best to put you not only on the first page of Google but also on the top of the first page. The corresponding ROI that you will get will be worth your investment. Be assured.


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