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Affiliate marketing falls under the category of performance based marketing where a business rewards the affiliates. It has four core components like the merchant, the network, the published and the customer, each with an equally important role to play. Affiliates are traditionally the website owners or the online publishers, who can manage the traffic of your site.

They often choose the regular advertising methods like organic or paid search engine optimization practices, pay per click campaigns etc., to reach the customers. These affiliates have an access to the site’s traffic via certain links that can generate sales and earn them with some commission. This is commonly known by the name CPA, Cost Per Action and is better than CPC (Cost per Click).

Affiliate marketing follows…

It all begins when a consumer comes across the affiliate’s site and a finds a product of his choice. He then follows a link and that leads him to make the merchandise. He does it online where all the details regarding the purchase like the date, time, cost, IP etc., are made. The retailer is now provided with a period of time to finish up the sale and offer the commission that is based on the sales.

Affiliate marketing with mind zaps…

Mind zap offers our customers the best hand when they need to launch an affiliate program. Here we are to explain you the benefits in working with us.

We work with a motto to achieve success and follow our strictly developed strategies for our and our client’s betterment.

Our efficient team on affiliate marketing, composed of dedicated and highly professional members, can help you with everything you need and will surely deliver you the successful results.

We demand for our results and nothing more.

We set our track records as an example for our success in the industry and often try to cross them.

Our affiliate marketing case studies can undoubtedly fetch our clients with better understanding about our apt services.

We donor receive the monthly fees but only charge for our affiliate programs.


We work depending on the designed goals and approach our clients with the perfectly designed affiliate programs. We follow the top line strategies and concentrate on optimization. The quality of the work and datafeeds offered by us fetch us the best affiliates to work with.

We lead you to…

At Mind Zap a proper pay for performance cycle is followed and thus no one is into losses. The process of affiliate marketing begins here with the audience or customers visiting the site. As a result, the traffic in the site increases. This increase is accessed by the publishers or the affiliates, who promote the advertisers on pay for performance basis. Mind zap provide al the necessary network and technology that can provide the site with leads, sales and brandings, which are necessary for the affiliate’s success. Advertisers are paid by the affiliates and customers make several transactions. Commissions in the end are given to the retailer based on the traffic.


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